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Service Areas

The J. Bolen Group, LLC, offers a variety of professional services to its clients. To date, our service areas include: 

Education in a variety of formats, including client-dedicated programs, distance-learning, Industry-sponsored programs, regional and local townhalls (audio and live) and compliance workshops, annual and regional training conferences, for the following groups:

  • Attorneys
  • Physicians and other medical providers
  • Pharmacists
  • Special Investigation Units for Health Care Benefit Programs
  • Law Enforcement
  • Licensing Boards
  • Pharmaceutical Company Sales Representative Training
  • Patient Organizations
  • Public Interest Groups

Risk Management

  • Practice Audits and Opioid REMS education (NEW)
  • Development and Implementation of Compliance Policy and Risk Management Programs
  • Performance Surveys (Employees, Patients, Providers)
  • Practice Forms
  • Patient Education Material

Expert Witness Mentoring and Selection

  • Health Care Fraud and Abuse
  • Prescription Drug Diversion
  • Medical Expert Cross-Examination Preparation (for Attorneys and Medical Experts)
  • Medical Expert Direct-Examination Preparation (for Attorneys and Medical Experts)
  • Medical Expert Consulting - Criminal Defense - Federal and State for cases tied to overprescribing allegations
  • General Litigation Guidance for Medical Experts in Improper Prescribing Cases

Litigation Consulting

  • Defense work in criminal cases, including trial briefs, jury instructions, and active involvement in medical expert cross and direct examination
  • Defense work in licensing board and civil cases
  • Automated courtroom presentations
  • Medical Record Review, Digesting, and Case Document/Discovery Review
  • Witness interviews
  • Investigations
  • Expert witness selection and preparation


The J. Bolen Group, LLC, regularly contributes educational materials to medical journals, law enforcement magazines, medical schools, professional medical societies, and other professional groups.