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December 22, 2008: Limited Availability of LSOP Staff


October 23, 2008: National Press Foundation and American Public Health Association - Pain Management Briefing

October 21, 2008: IMPORTANT - Free Webcast -

October 19, 2008: Why should you have an attorney with you if any federal or state agent simply wants to ask you some questions?

August 03, 2008: So you want to own a pain clinic, huh?

July 21, 2008: the importance and value of point-of-care drug testing: getting beyond the laboratory sales pitch

May 27, 2008: New DEA Final Rule - Office Based Treatment of Opioid Addiction

May 22, 2008: summer reading list

April 26, 2008: updated Georgia Medical Board Policy Statement

April 17, 2008: New York Prohibits Issuance of Multiple Schedule II Prescriptions

April 03, 2008: MSN on-line article -THE TRUTH ABOUT PAINKILLERS: 7 myths about the risks and dangers of opioid analgesis

April 03, 2008: first podcasts posted for preferred members

March 25, 2008: PREFERRED MEMBERS - do some spring cleaning

February 27, 2008: FDA issues draft guidance on dissemination of information relating to unapproved uses of medical products (off-label issues)

February 22, 2008: military pain care act

February 20, 2008: American College of Physicians supports research into role of medical marihuana research

February 20, 2008: Expansive Fentanyl Patch Recall

February 20, 2008: Audio Town Hall Schedule For February - March 2008 Posted

January 12, 2008: Tennessee issues State Doctor-Shopping Indictment

January 12, 2008: In Memorium and Tribute: William (Bill) Marcus, JD

January 04, 2008: DEA probing controlled substance prescribing in Indian Health Services pharmacies

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