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December 24, 2004: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year & Happy Holidays to all

December 20, 2004: New Service for East Tennessee Physicians

December 20, 2004: Article about Criminal Background Checks on Physicians

December 20, 2004: DEA Hot Line to Report

December 20, 2004: OxyContin Ring Busted in Maryland

December 20, 2004: AMedNews Article on Pain Management

December 17, 2004: Judge Declares Mistrial in Hurwitz Trial after jury fails to reach verdict on 3 counts

December 16, 2004: Hurwitz Convicted of 50 counts; Acquitted on others; Jury deliberating deadlocked counts

December 15, 2004: Comments from the University of Wisconsin Pain & Policy Studies Group

December 15, 2004: Competitive Grant Announcement: U.S. Government has money for Prescription Monitoring Programs

December 15, 2004: FDA Upgrades Warning Label on Bextra

December 14, 2004: Dr. Daniel Maynard indicted in Texas on three felony charges related to improper prescribing

December 14, 2004: American Pain Society Posts Information Relating to DEA Interim Policy Statement

December 10, 2004: DEA Administrator Karen Tandy offers Editorial Comments on Interim Policy

December 10, 2004: Editorial Comments Showing the Problems with the DEA Interim Policy Statement

December 09, 2004: Jury Deliberating Hurwitz Case

December 09, 2004: Note to Rhode Island Providers: Schedule II Drugs

December 09, 2004: Oklahoma and Rise in Methadone Deaths: Report from Summer 2004 Newsletter

December 09, 2004: Texas BME's Executive Director discusses Standard of Care Problems in Recent Newsletter

December 07, 2004: Miami Doctor Indicted for Dealing OxyContin

December 07, 2004: DEA Proposes Amendement to Registration Requirements for Individual Practitioners

December 07, 2004: Mississippi Medical Board Writes about Off-Label Prescribing of Actiq

December 06, 2004: Legal Side of Pain -- Things Providers Should Know -- December 2004 Update

December 06, 2004: Colorado Providers - BME Adopts Federation of State Medical Boards' Model Policy on Prescribing CS for Pain

December 04, 2004: FDA Approves Combination Oxycodone HCl and Ibuprofen (Combunox)

December 04, 2004: HEALTH CARE PROVIDER ALERT -- Important Federal Court Legal Opinion Impacting Schedule II prescribing

December 02, 2004: For all member PHYSICIANS and PAs and NPs and OFFICE ADMINISTRATORS

December 02, 2004: Important Reminders on VIRGINIA NP and PA Authority to Prescribe

December 01, 2004: South Dakota Board of Pharmacy Issues Short Statement on DEA Interim Policy Statement RE: Multiple S-II Prescriptions

November 30, 2004: Washington Post Article on DEA's Interim Policy Statement

November 30, 2004: Alabama Physician may get medical license back after 2001 revocation during OxyContin scare

November 30, 2004: DEA Issues Opinion in Federal Register on Revocation of Deborah Bordeaux, MD's DEA Registration

November 25, 2004: PPSG Issues Response to DEA on Interim Policy; Requests Input and Reconsideration of Basic Issues

November 23, 2004: Confronting the DEA on Rx Issues -- A Bulletin Board address for our membership

November 22, 2004: A Hurwitz Trial Perspective

November 22, 2004: Do something about the DEA's Interim Policy

November 19, 2004: NY Taking Steps to Deter Prescription Fraud

November 19, 2004: Harvard Mental Health Letter Article on Treating Opioid Addiction (Part I)

November 19, 2004: New Left-hand Navigation Button on Hurwitz Case Added

November 19, 2004: Pain and Emergency Rooms

November 18, 2004: DEA is testing new database on drug-related death information

November 18, 2004: Prescriber Beware Part II -- The realities of federal courtroom battles and collateral damage

November 17, 2004: DEA Issues Interim Policy Statement on Dispensing of Controlled Substances for the Treatment of Pain

November 17, 2004: Prescriber Beware -- States potentially affected by DEA action on multiple SII prescribing

November 16, 2004: Maine Benzodiazepine Study Group Meeting tonite

November 16, 2004: Sarasota deaths and prescription drugs

November 16, 2004: Internet Diversion of Prescription Medications

November 15, 2004: Doctor linked to Myrtle Beach case charged in federal indictment

November 15, 2004: Update on New State Pain Policies (Minnesota, Missouri, and Virginia)

November 14, 2004: Trouble for an Ohio physician

November 12, 2004: Definitions of Key Terms and FSMB Model Policy Summary

November 12, 2004: States with helpful handbooks (a short summary)

November 11, 2004: Hurwitz Trial - Part III -- Defense files notice of intent to call DEA Diversion Control Unit Chief Liaison Office Patricia Good

November 10, 2004: Purdue Pharma agrees to pay State of West Virginia $10 million to settle OxyContin lawsuit

November 05, 2004: Hurwitz trial information -- Part II Involves the DEA FAQ document

November 04, 2004: Hurwitz trial information - Part I

November 03, 2004: Update on DEA & the FAQ document on Prescription Pain Medications

November 01, 2004: Drugs still a problem in Southeast Virginia despite Prescription Monitoring Program

October 29, 2004: White House Issues Strategy on Synthetic Drugs - Rx Abuse Targeted

October 27, 2004: Dr. Hurwitz's federal trial starts next week; Information for those who want to attend the trial

October 26, 2004: Article on Professionalism in Medicine

October 25, 2004: More information on Buprenorphine

October 25, 2004: Yet another comment on DEA's decision to remove the FAQ document

October 24, 2004: Health Care Professionals Disappointed with DEA over pulling of FAQ document

October 24, 2004: New Links to Pain Management Websites

October 22, 2004: Rhode Island Boards Issue NEW Position Statement on Schedule II Controlled Substances

October 20, 2004: Article from NY Times on Frank Fisher case and related matters

October 19, 2004: West Virginia Doctor Indicted by Federal Grand Jury AFTER Board Action

October 19, 2004: Ohio Medical and Pharmacy Board websites featured by the Legal Side of Pain under

October 14, 2004: DEA Posts National Forensic Laboratory Information System Report on Narcotic Analgesics

October 11, 2004: China focuses on pain management

October 11, 2004: New addition Clinical Practice & Compliance Resources

October 06, 2004: IMPORTANT Information Regarding the DEA FAQ Document

October 06, 2004: DEA Information on Hydromorphone (Dilaudid, Palladone)

October 04, 2004: House Energy and Commerce committee passes NASPER.

October 01, 2004: SAMHSA Offers Help on Screening for Substance Abuse

September 29, 2004: Substance Abuse involving Rx Drugs is growing

September 27, 2004: Pennsylvania doctors charged with Medicaid fraud and illegally dealing OxyContin

September 27, 2004: FDA Approves Palladone -- but imposes strict restrictions to minimize abuse and diversion

September 18, 2004: Coming Soon . . . Legal Side Documentation Workshops

September 15, 2004: Audio Conference - September 27, 2004

September 13, 2004: Long acting opioids preferred for long term use in chronic pain

September 08, 2004: California legislation waiting for signature

September 03, 2004: Dr. Freddy Williams sentenced to life in prison by federal judge

August 31, 2004: Oregon and methadone

August 26, 2004: New article examining trends in medical use and abuse of opioid analgesics

August 12, 2004: DEA Issues Pain Medications FAQs

August 03, 2004: Federal Judge in Abingdon, Virginia, considers merits of case against Purdue Pharma

July 27, 2004: A New Link Has Been Added Especially For Doctors

July 26, 2004: NHCAA-Institute Conducts Training on Drug Diversion for Investigators - Training Taught by Doctors, Pharmacists, and non-law enforcement personnel

July 15, 2004: New Rx-related law in Tennessee

July 15, 2004: Federal government loses a TAP-related pharmaceutical fraud trial in Boston, MA

July 14, 2004: New Article on the Cognitive Effects of Opioids

July 12, 2004: New Article on Opioid Detoxification

July 12, 2004: California Bill Calls for Physician Review of Prescribing Patterns

July 12, 2004: Documentation Still Your Best Bet in Malpractice Actions

July 09, 2004: Health Canada Seeks Prescribing Information on Oxycodone

July 09, 2004: New Rx-Related Laws in Florida

July 06, 2004: Report Suspicous Internet Pharmacies to DEA Diversion

July 02, 2004: Wisconsin Medical Society Issues Chronic Pain Management Guidelines

June 25, 2004: LegalSideofPain® Opioid Prescribing Guidelines for NPs and PAs

June 23, 2004: Easy way to track national news on pain medications and related issues

June 17, 2004: Federal and State Governments Going After Internet Prescribing

June 14, 2004: Electronic Newsletter Forthcoming

June 14, 2004: New Service Area: Managed Care Issues

June 14, 2004: Article on Things People Do to Beat Urine Tests

June 14, 2004: Florida Releases New Report on Drugs Found in Deceased Persons

June 03, 2004: GAO Reports That State Monitoring Programs May Help to Reduce Illegal Diversion.

April 06, 2004: Crackdown on Drugs Hits Chronic-Pain Patients Amid Tighter Regulation of Painkillers, Physicians Pull Back on Prescriptions

April 06, 2004: Assessing Abuse Potential in Patients

March 17, 2004: Crackdown on Drugs Hits Chronic-Pain Patients Amid Tighter Regulation of Painkillers, Physicians Pull Back on Prescriptions

March 15, 2004: New Federal Program to Address Prescription Drug Abuse

March 15, 2004: Aches of Aging Push People Toward Pill Addiction

March 12, 2004: The LegalSideofPain® Releases the State Quick Reference Chart

March 12, 2004: Doctors Face Multiple Drug Charges

March 10, 2004: Senate to Consider Prescription Drug Database Bill

January 30, 2004: Federal court upholds state law that prohibits physicians from advertising they are board certified in a medical specialty unless the certifying board or association meets state regulations.

January 26, 2004: GAO Releases Perscription Drug Report About OxyContin

January 15, 2004: Patient Treatment Agreement

January 02, 2004: LegalSideofPain Practice Tip #1

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